100 YEARS - S/T LP
<a href="http://givepraiserecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-3">S/T by 100 YEARS</a> 100 Years from Sweden, take and form several genres into one unique dose of metal. Folk punk, Indie metal, noise - What they do is borrow from all of these and create a challenging form...
$ 13.00
AFGRUND - The Dystopian LP
Blasting grindcore from Sweden / Finland. The Dystopian 12" LP on black vinyl, Self-released and only 200 made. 
$ 15.00
<a href="http://givepraiserecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-8">Split by TO DUST / BENT SEA</a>   Based on exposing the ugliness of the world in the most extreme way possible. TO DUST and BENT SEA bring a marriage of death metal, raw punk and the harshest grindcore...
$ 15.00
BEYOND PINK - Pride And Prejudice LP
On the scene for over 10 years home-based in Sweden - Good with being able to escape from any sort of cliche and boredom, having a good laugh on it but still keeping a hardcore punk band at the core....
$ 12.00
BRUCEXCAMPBELL - South To No Life LP *Pre-Order
Blasting, furious grindcore that leaves you drooling over that new blu-ray disc you just picked up, of that new favorite horror movie. Based in LA, this is BRUCEXCAMPBELL’s initial full length and it does not disappoint. Fast leads, pounding drum...
$ 14.75
This is a brutal and raw blast of noise teasing with a full fledged grindcore attack. Blistering screaming vocals laid over a explosive brand of original shredding. BRUTAL BLUES seriously have a style all their own - this has to...
$ 14.00
Real angry grindcore from Germany. No messing around, no pauses, no breaks, just pure anger. You can hear it in their voice! The world right now is pissing everyone off, which is a good thing! Raw, and unadulterated grindcore. For...
$ 13.00
Two big heads in the grindcore scene go face to face to bring you a beautiful splattering of music. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION lay down the law of raw grind from France. True and raw old school grindcore blasting that brings...
$ 13.00
Devangelic - Resurrection Denied LP
Italian brutality at its finest: DEVANGELIC! Devangelic established themselves as one of the rising stars in the Brutal Death scene, after just two albums and several festival appereances along with some of the biggest names in extreme metal, their presence...
$ 17.25
Coming from the underground city of Worcester, Massachusetts - EATEN is at the forefront of the pulverizing grindcore scene. Combining death metal, doom riffs over a unstoppable grind force, they are quickly becoming a band ahead of their game. Building...
$ 13.00
FAILURE FACE - Discography LP
From Florida, Failure Face existed from '93 - '96. They played in-your-face and down-your-throat hardcore. Fueled by the sounds of punk rock inspired hardcore that moves along as a guide to original hardcore music. Fast, combined with catchy elements and...
$ 11.00
FUBAR - Weltschmerz LP
After several split releases and 2 full lengths - FUBAR is back with their breed of grindcore from the Netherlands. 'Weltschmerz' - a blast of rage and harmonies spanning the spectrum of grindcore. Unique, fast, and raw - they bring...
$ 14.00
Guineapig - Bacteria LP
Guineapig from Italy is one of the biggest names in goregrind nowadays despite releasing just one album (so far).That album is “BACTERIA” and we’re proud to announce that we will release it FOR THE FIRST TIME ON VINYL! Out in...
$ 18.00
Blasting circle-pit infused hardcore! Featuring members of Alarme! Along the lines of 80's American influenced hardcore and the bandana thrash circuit!
$ 11.50
Hørdür – Húbris LP
HØRDÜR‘S FIRST LP IS OUT NOW, RELEASED IN JANUARY 2019 ON LIXIVIAT RECORDS IN A HEAVY BLACK WAX 12′ VINYL Behold their full length made of 20 grind songs for 23 minutes, melted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences...
$ 13.75
JACK - Neurozis LP
JACK are here with their second full length from Hungary! Blazing and blasting grindcore / crossover thrashcore done in a very unique way. The feeling of the old school is very evident here and brings to mind PHOBIA, and NAPALM...
$ 13.00
KEITZER - Ascension LP
Fast and totally brutal hurricane of destruction! Heavy destructive blasting from the guttural deaths of death filled with a grind barrage. Fast, heavy and loud. This is the real grind-death DEAL!
$ 14.00
KEITZER - Where The Light Ends LP *Pre-Order
Back for their latest death-crust, metal, grind onslaught! German’s KEITZER take no names and just destroy everyone as their latest offering shows you. You will be driven to the point of ‘where the light ends,’ from the ferocious masters. Branching...
$ 16.75
"The brutal/intense side of screamo, veering into grind, along the lines of Orchid, Pg. 99, early Converge and Discordance Axis." - Decibel <a href="http://listen.hydrogenmanrecords.com/album/eris">Eris by Knife Hits</a> Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Nunez of Torche, "Eris" is twelve tracks of...
$ 12.00
MERDA - Indio Cocalero LP
Merda is perhaps best known as the brother-band of the legendary Mukeka di Rato, but they certainly don’t live in that shadow after ten years of worldwide touring and plenty of releases. Their newest LP finds them further perfecting their...
$ 13.00
The fifth and final record from Florida’s long-running Murder-Suicide Pact, featuring fifteen new songs. This album finds the band expanding their BLACK FLAG template with dramatic effect. Featuring members of FAILURE FACE, SLAP OF REALITY and the HOLY MOUNTAIN. Bob...
$ 11.00
NEEDFUL THINGS brings you their third full length in 23 years. 15 new Grinding tracks with a tight sound! This is their third studio album of the grindcore veterans from Czech Republic. They started back in 1995 and 23 years...
$ 13.00
New Junk City "Same Places" LP
On New Junk City's sophomore full length, "Same Places," the Atlanta-based quartet explore through this idea of trying to stay young at heart while your body grows older and older. Building upon the foundation the band laid on their debut...
$ 13.75
NO SKIN - Paying The Fine LP
/ NO SKIN - Paying The Fine 12" Record //Ten tracks of raw pissed off hardcore. No frills. Just anger and frustration in it's most basic form. Black vinyl. Plays at 45 rpm. Pressing run 100 copies. Released on Give...
$ 12.00

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